Guitar Man. New Teacher.

I had my first guitar lessons with a new teacher, Luke Payne, yesterday and it was NOT what I expected. If I had to use one word to describe it I would call it “challenging!” My fingers weren’t challenged, but my brain was. One technique he uses is singing solfege, i.ei do-re-mi, to learn sight-reading. I thought this was something that singing students did but apparently it’s a “thing” that serious music students do, too.

We’re starting with one of the popular Aaron Shearer books. Hopefully I can fix some bad habits and develop some new ones. I’ve also been re-visiting Jamie Andreas The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar. Hopefully all this tutelage will make me into a decent player.

Oh! And he only lets me use my thumb to play!

Bonus Trivia! I sneeze very loudly. VERY loudly. Even when I try to sneeze quietly it’s still usually very loud. No kitty-cat sneezes here.

What’s In The Garden

Tonight I gave my neighbor some corn seeds and he gave me some onion sets, which I planted. The garden currently has:

Bell peppers
Potatoes (from last years leftover potatoes!)
Green beans
English peas
Sugar snap peas

Seeds that did not sprout:

Spaghetti squash (from my own seeds)
Acorn squash
Honeydew melons

I’m going to put corn where I tried Cantaloupe and Honeydew melons and try the melons, and maybe Watermelons, in the new section of garden.

April Update

Here’s a long overdue update. Still dating my sweety Alicia, we’re almost up to our 30-month anniversary. We went to see an Eagles tribute band in Greensboro a few weeks ago. They sounded amazing!

2015-04-10 21.19.18 On The Border, Eagles tribute band above.

Everything is the same at TFOS. The cats and dog continue to rule the kingdom. It’s nice to see warm weather arrive and my power bill drop by over half. I’ve been studying solar panels and I think the savings would be significant. Enough solar panels to supply my annual needs can be ordered for about $6000, before shipping, but the cost of the mounting hardware, power inverters, safety equipment, permits etc. are considerable. Still, if I could do all that for another $6000 then they system should pay for itself in less than 10 years. Very interesting!

The Carolina Bluebird couple has moved back into the house and laid 4 eggs. They’ve been sitting on them for a while so I expect there will be baby birds by next week. Continue reading