Squash Problems

Having problems with my Spaghetti squash. I have 4 plants here, and one of them took a bad turn a couple of days ago. I took this picture this morning showing all 4 squash plants. The other three looked healthy this morning. (Click for larger pictures).


This evening another squash plant (the furthest one away in the above picture) looked all wilted, but most leaves still look good. I have examined both plants for Squash Borer Worms but found no evidence. I gave the garden a drink of water because the dirt was dry, but the rest of the garden including 2 other Spaghetti Squash and other yellow squash plants all look good.


Glory Days

If you aren’t going to Joe Nall this weekend then you might want to check out Old Julian Airport’s Glory Days Vintage Model Flyin this Saturday and Sunday. This will be at the same location as last weeks pylon races. Come out and see what the early days of powered model flight and RC were like as well as line control flying and good food!

Glory Days Flyer 2014

Flight Ready!

Bixler 2 & RadianAfter looking at it for six months I finally got my Bixler 2 ready to fly! The Bixler is shown here in front of my Radian. Mainly I had to adjust the trim, add some velcro to hold the receiver, ESC, and batteries, and balance and mount the propeller. I also spent more than then I should’ve mounting the wing, which includes 30 minutes of looking for the wrong screws!

I’m excited about having it finished but not sure how I’m going to transport it as removing the wings is a b****! Hopefully it survives the maiden flight. Though it looks very similar to the Radian, other than having a rear-facing motor, the flight characteristics should be very different. It has ailerons so should be more acrobatic, too! I’m looking forward to working on my inverted flight.