Better Days

The last couple of years have been rough, but things have really started to look up lately. Not just circumstances, but attitide, which is the most important thing of all. Maybe it’s because I’m getting into some new things, and I actually got out and rode my bike last weekend, and there’s a lot more harmony around the house. I even spent time with the Lord the last couple of mornings, which is something I must keep doing, to keepthings on track. Sandi and I have really been through a dark time, and I know it’s not all over, but we’re still together and still love each other. We still have a roof over our heads and still manage to keep food on the table, and pay our bills. The cats as fat as ever, and I even saw ‘bunny’ in the yard today. I even filled up the birdbath and the birdfeeder, which I haven’t done in months. Better days coming, I can feel it.