Weird Question of the Week (and more)


"How would you grow an effective barrier of annoying vegetation?"

My question, what makes some vegetation annoying, and who, or what, do you want to annoy? And, assuming it's on your own property, won't it annoy you as well?


And something else I thought, odd, that I found on the internet: the instructions for something called Magic Shaving Powder, a dipilatory for men:

  • Mix 2 heaping teaspoons of shaving powder with an equal mouth of cool water
  • Apply the creamy mixture to beard.  Leave on for 5-7 minutes.  Remoisten if the mixture dries.
  • Remove with spatula
  • Rinse shaving are thoroughly.  Do not wash off with soap.

I love the "Remove with spatula" part. When I saw it recommended it wasn't for the face. WWS.