I Got Lucky!

Last night I won a copy of XP Professional! That's pretty cool, and a $300 value. Even though I already have XP Pro on my laptop it's always nice to have another legal copy. (Hey, ALL my computers are legal, so don't get me wrong). Anyway, either I'll end up using it or maybe I can make an interesting trade. That's a Seinfeld reference.

It's always fun to win something, especially if it's something good. I've never considered myself particularly lucky. I did win a nice television once, but other than that I can only remember winning small stuff, like some free video-rentals when I lived in Hickory, NC. I played the slots on the ship and got one big payour, like over $100 big, but I gave most of it back. Still, I walked out with a few more dollars than I went in with.

We have the lottery here now, just the scratch-off tickets, but I haven't played it. Don't plan to either, though when they get the 'big' lottery going we may have to get a ticket once in a while. For the schools!