Back On The Saddle

After almost two weeks off the bike with her sore knee Sandi went for a bike ride today. We celebrated the event by riding at Battleground Park in Greensboro, a place she’d never been before. It was also the first chance she had to try out her new CamelBak (which is actually a Hydrapack, or something like that).

We rode all the way around, and half-way through took the short path over to Country Park and rode around that. The total trip, including a ride up to ‘Safety Town’ and back, was just over six miles. Further than I expected, but just long enough. Fortunately her knee held up, and even though there was a very light rain the entire time it was a pretty good ride. We thought the hydrapak leaked, but upon inspection at home it looked ok. Weird.

Sandi, leaving me in the 'dust'

Sandi, in the distance.