I made my weeky trip to Costco yesterday. I really do enjoy shopping there, but am frustrated at the magnitude of some of the packages of food. For example: six pound packages of Italian sausage. Cheap, at less than $2/lb, but I’d end up repackaging some of it for later use. I just don’t have the freezer space. I guess we’ll have to splurge on a little chest freezer (Costco conveniently sells them for $200) and a Food Saver, which costs almost as much as the freezer! Around $140 for the unit and some canisters and starter bags. Then I can go crazy buying meat and dinner rolls and anything else that’s amenable to vacuum packing and/or freezing! I did buy a package of one dozen giant muffins šŸ™ which are delicious but huge, and I’ll probably end up eating most of them or throwing them away, as they don’t fall into the five major food groups (tea, coffee, McDonalds, Honey-Nut Cheerios, and ice cream). I passed on the 5-lb pack of MM’s and the 12-pack of danish.