The Happiness Barometer

I’ve been playing my guitar the last couple of weeks. That doesn’t sound unusual, but I’m quite adept at ignoring my guitar for months, or years, at a time. That makes it kind of hard to progress. But it occurred to me that I only play my guitar when I’m feeling happy. But when I get too stressed out, I stop playing. I don’t understand why, but I feel kind of guilty for doing something that makes me happy. When there are negative vibes arount the house i feel very self-concious about practicing, even though it’s a much more positive outlet than watching TV or surfing the internet.

Lately, somehow, despite bumps in the road the happiness level is at a good level. I know there are various contributing factors, and it helps that I’m really trying to get along with Sandi and she’s doing the same, so we’ve both been spared a lot of grief because of that. Hopefully I won’t stop playing the guitar.