Easter Morning Sunrise Service. Kernersville Moravian Church

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Christ is risen, indeed!

Pastor Winters conducting the Easter sunrise service for Kernersville Moravian Church on “God’s Acre.” Note several lillies which did not survive the cold night.

Worshippers entering the cemetary. Notice the uniform, Moravian style grave stones. Death really is the great equalizer. The smaller stones are infants or children.

The line I stood in. The most prepared had hats AND gloves. It was 29 degrees!

The band, fortunately, can play with gloves on. The apartments across the street are a relatively new arrival, but the view could be worse.

As one band leads the recessional, the other remains behind. They play atiphonally, one plays, then the other answers. This picture shows the old chapel. Church established 1847.