Presentation Really IS Everything

Made salmon cakes for the first time last night. Didn’t really feel like fixing anything to go with them so I just ate salmon cakes, with a little bit of Wasabi Horseradish mayonnaise (Frenches ‘Gourmayo’) that was in the fridge (since we don’t normally have tartar sauce). They were ok, but not that exciting.

Today for lunch I decided I’d eat one of the left over salmon cakes, but I made a sandwich instead. Salmon cake with some more of the Wasabi mayo, some onion and lettuce on a toasted bun. Wow! Much, much better than by themselves, it was more like something you’d eat in a restaurant and it definitely made me want to make salmon cakes again. Plus I only ate one, instead of the three I ate last night, which was pretty excessive. I have one salmon patty left which I’ll probably have for lunch tomorrow.

I also cooked country ham and biscuits this morning and made a chocolate pudding pie. We’ll have steaks later to celebrate Independence Day, and pie for dessert.