The Year Of Reconnecting

It’s funny how I’ve renewed some friendships in the last few months.

First there was Gorge W. and Jimmy P. We used to see each other regularly at a church singles group. We went to the beach fishing, and then I went with George up to his mountain-top getaway.

Then there was Morgan from Eggers Dormatory at Appalachian State University. I’ve been searching for him online for years, occasionally, because he’s such a character. Finally found him and connected via email and telephone, maybe we’ll be able to get together in January.

Now there’s Jill from the movie theater I worked at when I was 18. There’s a Golden Corral restaurant there now. She worked concessions and I was an user. I didn’t recognize her because she used to wear these big glasses, but she finally figured out who I was. I do remember she always used to say “You Heifer!”

I’m hoping for one more re-connection for the year. Cross your fingers for me.