A new phone coming?

I’ve been studying and salivating over smart phones, the iPhone in particular, for quite some time now but just haven’t been able to ‘pull the trigger’ and buy one. The iPhone was the first one worthy of consideration, but being locked into a contract with a competing (can you hear me now) carrier, not to mention the dropped-calls reported by the iPhone have kept me at window-shopper status.

Google Android phones are now starting to look like worthy competitors. Most interesting so far is the EVO which is soon to be released on Sprint. With 4G speeds it should be the fasted phone available around her, but the real incentive for me is the 4.3″ screen size. Android’s ability to play flash applicatoins doesn’t hurt the platforms lustre, either.

Other Android phones of a similar size are sure to follow, including the Droid Ghost from Verizon. There is anticipation that Apple will announce their next generation iPhone at the WWDC on June 7, 2010. Based on rumors my guess is that the phone’s screen will have a higher resolution but that the overall dimensions are not likely to be much larger. There will probably also be a  front-facing camera for video-calls (not a huge attraction) and possible changes that will eliminate the dropped-calls problem.

All in all there are many changed on the near-horizon. There are many good phones to choose from now. I have a feeling that the right phone for me is coming, and that I might take the plunge sometime late this summer.