About Face!

Yep, there are no “secrets'” on facebook. Of course any time you post on any social website I think it’s safe to assume that it may follow you for the rest of your life.

Because of recent privacy concerns about facebook I took a detour into the labyrinth known as facebook privacy settings. It is my assumption that somewhere withing facebook HQ is a department whose role is to make these settings as confusing and indecipherable as possible.

After emerging from those woods I decided to update my profile, where my attention was drawn to the interests I had selected. One thing led to another and before I new it I had become a “fan” of  a page that starts with “f” and ends wit “king!”

The reason for doing this was wondering if anyone would ever come across it, buried down in my interests, behind a “show all” link. The joke was on me.

Having made this change in the wee hours of the morning I was greeted by email the next morning asking “Did you really use the ‘F’ word?” Apparently the change had made it into the news feeds of a few diligent facebook devotees. I immediately updated my documented interests, but did receive additional comments throughout the day. One person wondered if my account might have been hacked.

That’s it! My account was hacked!

By me. :-p

Lesson learned.