Pins & Needles

Spent a few hours with Karin at Lexington Memorial Hospital while her son Steven was having surgery. This to mend the compound fracture he suffered 13 days ago. They put a pin(s) in, and while he’s still suffering from intense pain he is at home and they say he should be able to start putting weight on it tomorrow. Amazingly, this was an outpatient procedure. Thank the Lord that the surgery went well! Unfortunately the surgeon says that with this type of surgery it isn’t uncommon to suffer some knee pain for the rest of your life, even if the pins are removed.

The hospital, while much smaller than the ones in my county, was very nice and the people were great. If I had to have surgery then this would probably be my first choice.

It was a beautiful May day. Set up my old WiFi router for my friend Velma and helped her get connected with her new netbook. Also enjoyed bible study at church afterwards.