Not So Open Source

Ok, so “Open Source” may not technically mean free. I am not one to define the term. But I think most people have the working definition that if software is open source then you can download and use the software for free.

Not always.

There is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress called the Shopp plugin ( They publish under an “open source” license, but you can’t get the source unless you purchase a license to use the software. I’m not sure I really see the point. I think all WordPress plugins are “open source” in that they are written in PHP, so you can see the uncompiled source code.

It just aggravates me. It’s called “open source” but I cannot see, test, or use it without paying $55. A nominal fee, if it is something you want, but I’ve spend enough money on software that I didn’t really get any use out of. I’ll probably buy it, but wanted to complain.

😀 Have a nice day.