3 Milestones

A couple of months ago I ran a mile for the first time in my life. I never liked running, never thought I could be a runner, and never really thought I would want to be a runner. But losing weight and getting fit has enabled me to do things I didn’t think I could. Obviously my greatest limitations was the extra weight.

About three weeks ago I started secretly training to run a 5k on April 16. I’ve been following a running/walking schedule three days/week, running on the treadmill at the gym. Last week I actually did my routine outdoors at a walking track at a nearby park.

Today I ran 5k.

I didn’t plan to. I planned to follow my training schedule but felt that I was a bit beyond the 5 and 8-minute jogs with walking in between. I just started jogging and decided to go for 30 minutes. Then 3 miles. Then 3.1 miles. I actually jogged to 3.2 before slowing to a walk. The last kilometer was the wrost, but not too bad.

Now what? Do I still enter the 5k? Do I go for longer distances? Probably not. I’m still not in love with running, but I like the fact that I can run. I like having another alternative to exercise, and even something that I can do starting from my back door. I like the thought of trail running but don’t know about organized runs or races.

I guess time will tell where this leads, but I do feel like I’ve accomplished something I never wanted, or thought I’d be able, to do.