Dropbox, You Are No Longer Trustworthy.

I don’t have anything to say other than I did not delete the files and I absolutely did not log into the website and permanently delete the files. This is a big, giant black mark on Dropbox. I once considered Dropbox a reliable means of storing and archiving files but obviously can no longer trust in your service with confidence. I will concede that there is a miniscule chance I deleted the files but I absolutely deny logging onto the website and choosing the permanent delete option, and I fail to understand why you think that I did. I don’t know that I have ever used this feature, but I don’t think that I have. I rarely have to log into the dropbox website, and I am sure that I did not log in and choose the permanent delete option for the files in question. I am reluictant to believe that my files do not exist in your backups, though you may not consider it worth your trouble to try and locate them. I am sure that I must have lost a number of photos which I have no other copies of. No, not valuable to anyone but me, but meaningful enough that I did take the trouble to copy them to my dropbox where I new they would be “safe” and “available” until I could archive them somewhere else.

James Messick, Kernersville, NC