Chained To A Desktop? No, I CHOOSE IT!

Yep, though laptops, tablets, and smartphones all there place I’m finding that  old-school computing still have a few things going for it!

My old computer recently died, so I ordered a replacement. Truth be told, I hadn’t been using it very much, but still feel it’s nice to have a “permanent” setup, if for not reason other than to justify the existence of the office and the massive computer desk (command central). Since the “office” had become a place to throw “important” papers and anything computer-ey or gadget-ey it was in quite a disarray, so I launched operation cleanup, to clean out the junk and organize what I really needed BEFORE setting up the new computer.

Fasting forward, I set up my new Dell, connected all the peripherals, and started the process of adding my favorite software. To make a long story short, I’ve fallen in love with desktop computing! Sure, laptops have the portability factor, but that’s about all they have going for them. Desktops have lots more power, 22″ flatscreen monitors (YMMV), full keyboards, mice/trackballs, and good speakers! Other peripherals like laser printers and scanners come in handy, too!

Of course the screens, speakers, etc., can be connected to a laptop, but laptops aren’t really made for that kind of life. They love their freedom! Desktops are homebody’s who like to be surrounded by all their “stuff”. A place and purpose for everything.

Did I mention the full-sized keyboard? And the mouse and screen and speakers? Yeah, I’m loving it!

Also, by getting the laptop off the coffee table it leaves the Living Room for living and encourages me to do computing tasks in the office. And if I’m in the office I naturally gravitate towards using the more comfortable setup. Heck, I’ve even started using my home phone more!

Of course the laptop is right here, ready to go. Sometimes a second screen is nice, too! And did you know that you can use your laptop in tandem with your desktop computer and use the same mouse and keyboard for both? Google “Mouse Without Borders” to learn more.