Going Under The Knife

In a weeks time I’ll have had my hernia repair surgery Outpatient, if I can make water after. Otherwise I get to spend the night. I’m going to try as hard as I can to “make”!

Having never faced surgery I’m considering all the worst things that could happen, and thinking I should update my will. My current will is somewhat dated, seeing how the main beneficiary is deceased as well as divorced from me. I still have that WillMaker software somewhere…

Who gets what? Other than what happens to my pets I am not to worried, though I do hope to do some good with what little there is. At least I’ll finally be free of that house I haven’t been able to sell, even if my estate will not.

Oh, what am I talking about. I’m sure everything will be fine!

Still, it’s something to think about. Who you care about? Would a bequest make a difference in their life? Should I live it all to to my parents and let them re-distribute it via their own wills? Having lost a child, and given the size of my fortune, I doubt it would bring happiness to them. More fun to think how unexpected bequests could touch people who might really need or want the money.

Something to think about. Into my old age.

And if I don’t make it then Black and Blue will be fat cats. And so will my dog!