facebook. Is it really binding?

Hmmm, now you can declare yourself an organ donor on “the facebook”. Nice, but is it more about image than a good deed? Like driving a Prius* is for some people?

My point is I don’t know that hospitals will accept a facebook view as a binding declaration that you want to donote your organs. I think a card in your wallet, or the checked box on your drivers license is still what they look for. To be fair, I’m not too familiar with the details, but I can’t imagine hospitals looking someone up on facebook and saying “is this the same person we have on life support?”

*Apparently people will pay a premium to drive a Prius because it is the only truly recognizable hybrid. a.k.a. It isn’t enough to be “green”, you want other people to know how green you are, and that you’re willing to part with a little extra green for the privilege.