Out From Under (the Knife)

Well, the surgery was a success but can be quite painful when laughing, walking, and several other activities. If you are tempted to start a question with “Is that a frozen burrito in your pants…” the answer very well may be “YES!”. Hey, you do what works!

I’m very thankful for God providing the means for me to have the surgery. Kernersville Medical Center is a very nice facility, and a very low-traffic facility compared to Forsyth/Baptist/Cone yadda, yadda. It would definitely be my first choice if I was doing this again. My hernia repair was an “open” surgery rather than a laparoscopic. Though I was a candidate for either method the surgeon laid out some compelling reasons for the decision related to my case. Every person I came in contact today treated me very kindly and professionally. I could not have hoped for a better experience.

Thanks to everyone who prayer requests up or who sent kind thoughts my way. I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate the important people in my life lately, and if you’re reading this then you are probably one of them. Hugs and love to all!