A Pause To Recall The Good Stuff

I’ve been extra blessed and fortunate. I’m going to squash my natural tendency to think that it must be time for the other show to drop be grateful and happy for all the good things that have happened. To name a few:

Vision Restored! I recently was diagnosed with cataracts and was able to have eye surgery to correct the problem. After being totally blind in one eye for 15 months I can now see again. To quote the hymn, I was blind but now I see!

Kitchen Update! Almost burning the house down with a grease fire was a harrowing experience, but I am happy to have a new stove, hood, refrigerator and back splash!

Technology! From filing taxes to using tools like WordPress to create this blog. We are all very fortunate.

House Sold! After wasting about 3 years I finally listed my old house with Shirley Ramsey, one of the top Realtors in Kernersville, and sold it in less than two months. Nice to have that albatross no longer around my neck, and I’m sure the neighbors are happy to see the  yard and house being fixed up.

Love, True Love! I met my wonderful sweetheart Alicia right before Halloween last year at a Speed Dating event (believe it or not) and we’ve been dating ever since! Wedding bells in the future? We aren’t sure but hope so.

Health Care! Despite being irregularly employed I have had access to the healthcare I need at very low cost, without going on Medicaid either! Not only did I have eye surgery but I was able to get a hernia repair surgery last May. God has truly blessed me. Thanks DHSS and Healthcare Access!

It looks like I may be getting some work in my chosen field soon. Hopefully this will lead to more work, work fulfillment, and a little income to balance the outgo.

Church Music: It’s been a great couple of years in the Kernersville Moravian Church Chapel Choir. I love singing in the chorus and have  gotten to sing some special solos, music that I wanted to do, with a great accompanist, Chris Sheppard.

Church: Though it isn’t always the most fun, I have been privileged to work on various committees at church. I am currently involved with two committees which I believe are particularly important to the future of our church, the Transistion Committee and the Communications Committee where I am very involved with the creation of our new website. I am glad for the leadership of our interim pastor, Ray Mims.

Family! My sister Rachel has moved “home” to North Carolina after 30 years in California and I finally have a relationship with her. 🙂 Mom and Dad have some ups and downs but I am glad to still have them around.

Home Front! I love my home, have pets that are very dear to me, lots of land and privacy. I’ve started my third vegetable garden this year (potatoes and asparagus went in yesterday). Nice new neighbors just moved in next door.

Home Theater! I got the world’s best deal on a new TV on Black Friday and supplemented it with a sound bar and Roku so it’s a television/music system. The only problem is I watch too much tv! My old 27″ television went to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. I now have a 60″ flat screen!

Geek Happiness! I now have super-fast 30 Mb internet for the same price I was paying before.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame! I even get to sing before a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game at BB&T Stadium in Winston-Salem sometime this summer, a lifetime dream of mine.

Biking: They’re even building a mountain biking trail in Kernersville!

Yes, God is VERY good to me!

Future wishes are to stay healthy, follow God more closely and serve him, be gainfully employed, and hopefully get married and have a happy marriage that will last until death do us part, not divorce. And hopefully that will be a long time.