Best Flight Ever!

Nothing to do with Singapore Airlines or even Southwest! I’m talking about the flight I just enjoyed over a fallow tobacco field.

And did I mention that I was the pilot? And that the plane has a wingspan of four feet?

I’m talking about a flying model, of course. After 20 years away I’m finding myself back in the RC (Radio Controlled) Flying hobby. No, the army didn’t invent drones, but they have taken the idea to a new level.

My first experience with RC was over 20 years ago, back when it meant spending hours and hours gluing together a box of wooden parts, covering it with shrink-wrap film, and bolting on an engine before filling it with expensive radio equipment and servos to make the moving parts move and control the throttle. Then you have to find a flying field and someone to help you through those first flights. The building was ok, the end result attractive, and the flying wonderful! But somehow I managed to let that plane gathered dust as life brought on it’s other distractions. Fields were few and far-between, the radio equipment became obsolete, and I never did care much for those gas engines and their mess, not to mention the chance of losing a finger in a high-speed propeller accident.

A couple of years ago I moved to my new home on 5 acres with a huge yard. Two make a long story short I eventually brought home a ready-to-fly electric powered airplane  that came with it’s own radio. In just a few minutes it was ready to fly! And fly it did! Right into trees! Twice! The second time it was about 25 feet off the ground and it took some doing to get it down. From there it went into my back bedroom until a few weeks ago.

Skipping over a few more details I ended up dusting off the old new-plane, buying a fresh battery, and making a few flights. I found a more appropriate place to fly near my house (no complaints from the neighbors, so far) and I have even discovered an all-electric flying club that has a field just 3 miles from my house! I’m now an official member, not to mention webmaster! ( I’ve spend more money than I ever intended and am having a wonderful time! I even purchases a simulator ( so that I can practice and crash and nobody gets hurt, including my pocket book.

Tonight’s flight? Just 10 minutes of flying back and forth during the last hour of daylight on a beautiful, still summer’s evening. Just myself, a chihuahua, and a lot of fun!