A Bad Decision Gone Right

I recently changed my mind about something. Had an epiphany is more like it. I was planning to do something but realized it was something I needed to avoid doing. Good, right?

But I’d convinced someone else, against their original judgement, to go along with me.

So when I changed my mind it was as if I was just playing mind games with them. I wasn’t.

I felt bad about their feelings, and a little bad about not having the benefit of the original course of action.

But I feel good about doing the right thing, even if I was late to the game.

Timing is sometimes unfortunate.

But I’ll be better for doing the right thing. Hopefully the other party will come around.

As for me, I feel as if I’d had a paradigm shift. Sometimes good things come from choosing to do the right thing when it’s a hard thing. They can lead to personal growth and spiritual growth and long-term benefits. Long-term gains for short-term losses are usually a pretty good payoff.

If thy hand offends thee, cut it off, right? If thine eye causes you to sin pluck it out. Not so easy.

Clear as mud?