Flight Ready!

Bixler 2 & RadianAfter looking at it for six months I finally got my Bixler 2 ready to fly! The Bixler is shown here in front of my Radian. Mainly I had to adjust the trim, add some velcro to hold the receiver, ESC, and batteries, and balance and mount the propeller. I also spent more than then I should’ve mounting the wing, which includes 30 minutes of looking for the wrong screws!

I’m excited about having it finished but not sure how I’m going to transport it as removing the wings is a b****! Hopefully it survives the maiden flight. Though it looks very similar to the Radian, other than having a rear-facing motor, the flight characteristics should be very different. It has ailerons so should be more acrobatic, too! I’m looking forward to working on my inverted flight.