April Update

Here’s a long overdue update. Still dating my sweety Alicia, we’re almost up to our 30-month anniversary. We went to see an Eagles tribute band in Greensboro a few weeks ago. They sounded amazing!

2015-04-10 21.19.18 On The Border, Eagles tribute band above.

Everything is the same at TFOS. The cats and dog continue to rule the kingdom. It’s nice to see warm weather arrive and my power bill drop by over half. I’ve been studying solar panels and I think the savings would be significant. Enough solar panels to supply my annual needs can be ordered for about $6000, before shipping, but the cost of the mounting hardware, power inverters, safety equipment, permits etc. are considerable. Still, if I could do all that for another $6000 then they system should pay for itself in less than 10 years. Very interesting!

The Carolina Bluebird couple has moved back into the house and laid 4 eggs. They’ve been sitting on them for a while so I expect there will be baby birds by next week.

2015-04-19 10.46.31 Bluebird eggs

The garden is looking good! My friend Cindy Williams gave me some old fencing that I put up for the beans and peas to climb on.

2015-04-23 12.14.58 My bean trellises

2015-04-28 18.52.58 My new rain gauge.

I’ve started work on a new section of garden, and am contemplating getting a truckload of composted horse manure from my friend Steve’s horse farm. Wonder if they deliver.

2015-04-28 20.05.18 2015-04-28 20.05.23The new section of the garden that I just tilled up is on the left, with my cat Blackie approaching the Bluebird house. The existing garden is on the right.

After taking a few years off I picked up the guitar again. I played/sang “You, Oh Lord, Are My Refuge” by Cheri Keaggy as the anthem last week and have been practicing. I’ve scheduled a lesson for next week with Luke Payne in Winston-Salem.

The critters are all fine, but Petey has managed to get himself left outside twice today. Fortunately it’s decent weather.

2015-04-25 18.01.47 Petey wearing his raincoat. He did NOT like it very much.


The cats are still bravly enduring their difficult lives.

2015-04-01 13.14.36  That’s MY seat!

2015-04-28 18.27.29 Farm cats.

2015-04-03 18.25.45 If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me, right?

I haven’t been flying any model airplanes for a while until this evening. I had such bad luck the last few times I tried flying that I pretty much lost all my confidence. Since the weather was nice I went out and flew my Radian glider this evening and had a good time. No crashing.

I haven’t biked a lot this year, but I do have that nice new bike I got last year and will be putting some more miles on it. I have been out a few times and played tennis with Alicia. We really just knock the ball around and don’t keep score. Much more fun when you do it that way and don’t worry about a second or third bounce or whether the serve was inside the line!

No new toys to speak of that I can remember. I did have a new battery put into my Nexus 4 phone, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any better. Makes me question whether they really put one in there! On the last day of the month the phone developed a problem which Google and I could only resolve by doing a factory reset, which is the equivalent of using Agent Orange to get rid of a few dandelions. On the bright side I will have a fresh install without a bunch of the junk that builds up, but on the dark side I lose a lot of time just getting everything back up and working like I want it again.

I have a secret ambition to perform standup at an open-mic night. I’ve been collecting ideas for a while with the aim of putting a few bits together, but not sure I’ll be able to get up my nerve. I went to Laughing Gas comedy club in Winston on open-mic night once and it was pretty good.

2015-04-09 09.09.50 Perfect breakfast

In case you’re wondering, the photo above is what breakfast looks like when it turns out perfectly! That’s extra crispy corn beef hash, fried eggs, and toast with homemade blackberry jam! Mmm, mmm!