The Fortress of Solitude is how I gratefully refer to my little home in the wood. The idea of a Fortress of Solitude originated with 1940’s pulp-fiction character Doc Savage, and was also used by Superman.

Located at the end of a gravel road, TFoS  is surrounded by woods and pasture. These days the neighbors I am most likely to see are a Black Angus cow and an American Bluebird, Cardinal or other songbird. I also cat the occasionally glimpse of deer, and once had a visit from a flock of very tame wild turkeys. It is also a safe nature reserve for my own pets.

Well water is cheap and delicious, even if the water pressure is low. I’m also outside of the city limites, so I have low county taxes.

Living where I do, I assumed that when power lines went down I would be one of the last to have my electricity restored. Remarkably, there are almost never power outages. I attribute this to the fact that my power lines are buried. I always liked buried power lines for cosmetic reasons, but now I like them for their reliability.

End of the road or not, a lot of people still drive in and turn around. Also, it’s about 5 miles to the nearest grocery store! I also have a LOT of grass to mow.

If may be humble by American standards, but I love my comfortable efficient home, and the priviace and natural surroundings as well.

Ranger Trail


Here’s a nice Google Satellite shot taken about March of 2012 I think. If you look carefully you can see my on my riding lawn mower.

You can see a short video here.