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I’m happy that 5 five days after surgery I am feeling real improvement.  I can stay on my feet for more than two minutes, and even made it through the day with NO PAIN MEDICATION!! Everything sends to be on the mend,  until I cough or sneeze,  and then it’a like a hot needle stuck into my “belly”! But improvement its improvement,  right!?

Out From Under (the Knife)

Well, the surgery was a success but can be quite painful when laughing, walking, and several other activities. If you are tempted to start a question with “Is that a frozen burrito in your pants…” the answer very well may be “YES!”. Hey, you do what works!

I’m very thankful for God providing the means for me to have the surgery. Kernersville Medical Center is a very nice facility, and a very low-traffic facility compared to Forsyth/Baptist/Cone yadda, yadda. It would definitely be my first choice if I was doing this again. My hernia repair was an “open” surgery rather than a laparoscopic. Though I was a candidate for either method the surgeon laid out some compelling reasons for the decision related to my case. Every person I came in contact today treated me very kindly and professionally. I could not have hoped for a better experience.

Thanks to everyone who prayer requests up or who sent kind thoughts my way. I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate the important people in my life lately, and if you’re reading this then you are probably one of them. Hugs and love to all!

facebook. Is it really binding?

Hmmm, now you can declare yourself an organ donor on “the facebook”. Nice, but is it more about image than a good deed? Like driving a Prius* is for some people?

My point is I don’t know that hospitals will accept a facebook view as a binding declaration that you want to donote your organs. I think a card in your wallet, or the checked box on your drivers license is still what they look for. To be fair, I’m not too familiar with the details, but I can’t imagine hospitals looking someone up on facebook and saying “is this the same person we have on life support?”

*Apparently people will pay a premium to drive a Prius because it is the only truly recognizable hybrid. a.k.a. It isn’t enough to be “green”, you want other people to know how green you are, and that you’re willing to part with a little extra green for the privilege.

Going Under The Knife

In a weeks time I’ll have had my hernia repair surgery Outpatient, if I can make water after. Otherwise I get to spend the night. I’m going to try as hard as I can to “make”!

Having never faced surgery I’m considering all the worst things that could happen, and thinking I should update my will. My current will is somewhat dated, seeing how the main beneficiary is deceased as well as divorced from me. I still have that WillMaker software somewhere…

Who gets what? Other than what happens to my pets I am not to worried, though I do hope to do some good with what little there is. At least I’ll finally be free of that house I haven’t been able to sell, even if my estate will not.

Oh, what am I talking about. I’m sure everything will be fine!

Still, it’s something to think about. Who you care about? Would a bequest make a difference in their life? Should I live it all to to my parents and let them re-distribute it via their own wills? Having lost a child, and given the size of my fortune, I doubt it would bring happiness to them. More fun to think how unexpected bequests could touch people who might really need or want the money.

Something to think about. Into my old age.

And if I don’t make it then Black and Blue will be fat cats. And so will my dog!

Chained To A Desktop? No, I CHOOSE IT!

Yep, though laptops, tablets, and smartphones all there place I’m finding that  old-school computing still have a few things going for it!

My old computer recently died, so I ordered a replacement. Truth be told, I hadn’t been using it very much, but still feel it’s nice to have a “permanent” setup, if for not reason other than to justify the existence of the office and the massive computer desk (command central). Since the “office” had become a place to throw “important” papers and anything computer-ey or gadget-ey it was in quite a disarray, so I launched operation cleanup, to clean out the junk and organize what I really needed BEFORE setting up the new computer.

Fasting forward, I set up my new Dell, connected all the peripherals, and started the process of adding my favorite software. To make a long story short, I’ve fallen in love with desktop computing! Sure, laptops have the portability factor, but that’s about all they have going for them. Desktops have lots more power, 22″ flatscreen monitors (YMMV), full keyboards, mice/trackballs, and good speakers! Other peripherals like laser printers and scanners come in handy, too!

Of course the screens, speakers, etc., can be connected to a laptop, but laptops aren’t really made for that kind of life. They love their freedom! Desktops are homebody’s who like to be surrounded by all their “stuff”. A place and purpose for everything.

Did I mention the full-sized keyboard? And the mouse and screen and speakers? Yeah, I’m loving it!

Also, by getting the laptop off the coffee table it leaves the Living Room for living and encourages me to do computing tasks in the office. And if I’m in the office I naturally gravitate towards using the more comfortable setup. Heck, I’ve even started using my home phone more!

Of course the laptop is right here, ready to go. Sometimes a second screen is nice, too! And did you know that you can use your laptop in tandem with your desktop computer and use the same mouse and keyboard for both? Google “Mouse Without Borders” to learn more.

Praise The Lord! It’s Spring!

Indeed, there has been some wonderful weather this week. The Carolina Bluebirds have returned, and the Cardinals returned as soon as I laid in a fresh supply of black oil sunflower seeds and filled the feeder! I love the sound of birds singing, though this week it can be hard to tune into their songs above the cries of nearby cows separated from their babies for weaning (I guess). There have been regular showers, and as a result I am spending more time mowing grass than tilling a wet garden. Hopefully there will be dry days soon so that we can put out some plants and seeds!