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Ordained by National Association of Christian Ministers


As of October 15, 2015, I am legally ordained by the NACM, meaning that I can perform church rites and sacraments, such as baptisms, legal marriages and funerals. I do not expect to be doing a lot of this, but it is real and something I take seriously. I am not looking to step on any “real” ministers toes, and realize that not every church may accept my status. The state of NC does. I have not attended seminary, but did have to undergo examination by the NACM, and organization that professes very conservative doctrinal beliefs, and am quite happy to have received their approval.

He Grew The Tree

I sang this song in church this morning. Had quite a case of the nerves, probably because I was playing guitar. I love to play and sing, but am not very accomplished. I sound nervous, but the guitar tone is very beautiful. The audience/congregation was kind, as always. The presidents of the PEC’s of both the Northern AND Southern Provinces were on-hand, too, which was a nice surprise!

He Grew The Tree-mp3

Committee Survival Rules

“In all the parks of all the cities, you’ll find no statues of committees!” Anonymous

#1 Keep Your Mouth Shut!

If you don’t talk you won’t say anything to argue about.Anything you do say is likely to be used against you or misquoted.

Everything you say will probably increase the length of the meeting.

#2 Don’t put out the mistakes.

Pointing out errors and mis-statements won’t make you friends. The greif and arguments are probably less more serious than the errors in fact. Most people probably don’t want to hear your ideas anyway.

#3 Don’t suggest different ways to do things.

Those in charge have already decided how they want to do things. People are resistant to change.