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Backup Strategy-2015

My main computer is my laptop running Windows 10. I have this divided into two partitions, Drive C:, which has the OS and programs on it, and drive D: which has my Dropbox folder and “expendable” and temporary data, which can easily be replaced (television shows, etc. Most of my critical data is saved in Dropbox, so it is immediately backed up. I also use FreeFileSync to back up some of the D: data to an external hard drive, and I use Macrium Reflect to back up my Windows partition. I’m planning to replace my hard drive with an SSD soon, so hopefully I will be able to move my entire system (Windows & installed programs) in one fell swoop, and also copy my D: data from the external drive. As a worst case, I will do a fresh install of Windows from an ISO that I downloaded and re-install my software.