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Wayne Henderson & Friends at the High Point Museum

Wayne Henderson (left) plays Henderson guitar #52 while his friend Herb performs on #400, of about 700.

Musician and luthier Wayne Henderson recently spoke before a group at the High Point Museum. Above is video of the first number they performed. Below is unedited audio of the remainder of his music and comments. It’s rather lengthy, and I don’t know what I enjoyed the most, hearing about the history of the guitar and it’s construction, hearing him play, or laughing at his stories. Enjoy!



Do It Till You Can Do It!

Here’s one of my favorite practice tips. Basically the tip is that you get ten match sticks (I use pennies) and work on a section of music you’re having difficulty with.  When you play it perfectly you slide a matchstick over to start a new pile. Play it perfectly a second time and you move another match stick. Repeat until you have ten match sticks in the pile. If you mess up you start over. It can be really hard but it really works, too.

Here’s the link to the original tip.

I’m skeptical as to the truth of this story, mostly because I don’t think match sticks were commonly available “way back then”, but either way it’s still a great tip!

“Take 4? Take it back!”

Here’s one of my early efforts at using the GoPro to video myself playing guitar. (The purpose is for me to be able to evaluate my technique, rather than to entertain others) Like many people I really don’t like seeing myself on camera much. I can’t help but think I look like a former pastor, Donald Winters, who recently passed. Or maybe I look more like a Bassett Hound.


While this wasn’t a perfect performance I do think the sound of the guitar is pretty. The simple study is called Boat Song. I’m actually playing Part 1 of a duet. Part 2 is being played by a recording which came with the Aaron Shearer method book I’ve been using.

The camera angle is wider than I’d like, unfortunately this is what the GoPro action camera is designed for. I’ve since re-read the manual and changed the settings from 720p to 1080p which will make the field of view slightly  narrower in future recordings.