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Guitar Man. New Teacher.

I had my first guitar lessons with a new teacher, Luke Payne, yesterday and it was NOT what I expected. If I had to use one word to describe it I would call it “challenging!” My fingers weren’t challenged, but my brain was. One technique he uses is singing solfege, i.ei do-re-mi, to learn sight-reading. I thought this was something that singing students did but apparently it’s a “thing” that serious music students do, too.

We’re starting with one of the popular Aaron Shearer books. Hopefully I can fix some bad habits and develop some new ones. I’ve also been re-visiting Jamie AndreasĀ The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar. Hopefully all this tutelage will make me into a decent player.

Oh! And he only lets me use my thumb to play!

Bonus Trivia! I sneeze very loudly. VERY loudly. Even when I try to sneeze quietly it’s still usually very loud. No kitty-cat sneezes here.

PHP & Me

I’ve been studying PHP this week using a video tutorial. I was rather pleased with myself for getting a virtual dev/test machine set up using VMware, with WordPress running on it even. The only real difficulty was in getting PHP-MyAdmin set up to connect to MySQL so I could actually create a database for WP but after that it was smooth sailing. It’s pretty neat doing all the development on my own machine (the new 4-core Dell), with Apache serving up the web pages.

I also visited the Guilford Co. Linus Users Group last night, in hopes of meeting some like-minded individuals. I think I have a few leads, though of course they were somewhat disgusted that I’m using WAMP instead of LAMP! LOL