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Riding From Another Angle

Yesterday Bike Buddy Numero Uno and I rode up to Danville, VA, to check out the trails at Angler’s Ridge. There is a network of 25 miles of singletrack up there, but the 4.5 mile trail we rode, along with 11 miles on the Danville River Walk greenway, were enough to leave us drained! On top of that, my Trek Fuel has been in the shop with a broken swingarm! So I was riding my dad’s Hardrock. If going back to a fully rigid bike weren’t enough of a paradigm shift the geometry is all ‘off’, making me fearful of doing an endo over the bars on the steeper decents! OTOH, there’s nothing like going retro to brush up on the basic bike-handling skills. And on the bright side, my bike will be fixed and back on my hands within a few days!

Be The Chef

If you want to lose weight that means taking control: A big part of it is temptation management, which means not being in a targer rich environment, with the emphasis on rich foods. It will mean, more often then not, shopping for and preparing meals, and also staying out of restaurants, and maybe staying away from some people or places.

Spam. Best enjoyed offline.

This website was the victem of a Spam attack today. My host shut it down after over 1500 fake comments were posted to old blog posts. As of this writing the website it not back up, but I’m trusting that Host Gator will take care of that soon. I’ve taken steps to automatically cut off the spammers at the pass next time. Jerks.