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Insanity! Insanity!

So I finally satisfied my curiosity and ordered one of the “Insanity” wings at East Coast Wings. They are reported to be insanely hot and they only sell them as singles.

Perhaps I should have realized that I was getting into something extreme when I first placed my order. As prominently as the insanity wings are mentioned on the menu, I assumed that they serve them on a regular, perhaps daily basis. Therefore it came as a surprise to me that my waitress had never seen anyone eat one before.

I should’ve known that I was in trouble with the waitress told me that they came with a piece of toast, a glass of milk, and two sugar packets.

She then had me sign a waiver!

My milk, sugar and toast came first, and then the wing wrangler delivered my wing.

Along with a pair of rubber gloves! And a warning not to touch my face. I’d already been thinking about this, especially my eyes, since I wear contact lenses. I was warned to try not to get it on my lips.

I donned the gloves and picked up my wing. The wing was dripping the sauce of Hell and there was a small piece of meat hanging it. I pulled off the small morsel and ate it.

Yes, hot. VERY hot. I separated the two bones of the wing and started pulling pieces of the meat and eating them. How else do you keep from touching your lips?

Fire! Not only in my mouth, as expected, but my throat burned. Not just the back of my mouth, but all the way down my neck. I took small sips of milk. My face was feeling hot and slightly sweaty. I had been warned that I would probably sweat.

I finished that part of the wing. I thought I could finish the wing but didn’t know if I could endure the suffering and I was sure that I didn’t want to. I peeled off the gloves and chucked them in the bowl with the rest of the wing.

I lost my pride, but kept my health. My stomach hurt for several hours afterward, but the 10 wings I ate after hardly seemed spicy at all?

Would I try again? No way. And neither should you!

Pastor Ray Mims

Seeking information on Pastor Ray Mims?

Pastor Ray Mims is a Presbyterian minister currently working as an interim pastor.

Pastor Mims served as interim pastorĀ at Kernersville Moravian Church in Kernersville, NC. I worked extensively with Pastor Mims during the firstĀ 12 months of his tenure there.

I know that it can be difficult for churches to research employment candidates. If anyone is seeking information about Ray Mims, particularly if your church is considering calling him to serve I would be happy to share my opinions of his style and qualifications.

Please feel free to email me at