The gardening bug finally bit when I was in my 40’s and finally had plenty of room and time for one. I’m talking about vegetable gardening. As a kid my parents always had a huge garden, but other than occasionally using the tiller my forced manual labor activities were reserved to mowing grass and vacuuming.

I started with one little patch and it doubled in size a few times until now it’s about 1/20th of an acre. I still run out of room quickly and might expand it a little more. My rows aren’t as straight as my daddy’s and I am more likely to plant when it’s a pretty day than when the almanac says I should, but I really enjoy seeing the plants grow and produce, well, produce. There are few things better in my mind than a warm, perfectly ripe tomato, right from the vine. I always put in squash, green beans, okra, and peppers and  usually have eggplants, cabbages and potatoes. This year I’m trying peas and honeydew melons. Last year (this is 2015) I had an excellent crop of spaghetti squash. This year I’m trying acorn squash instead!

My experiment with asparagus a few years ago was a failure. Turns out I planted them upside down. I am threatening to lay out a “permanent” garden with some cross ties for things like asparagus and strawberries. I am NOT competing with my neighbor! HIS rows are pretty straight too, but my bean fence is taller!